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Page last updated on January 21, 2012


I am always willing to give an evening lecture and a workshop the following day. It may be helpful to have another guild in the general area schedule a workshop and/or lecture as well so that travel and accommodation expenses may be shared. I charge $350 for a six-hour workshop. In addition, there are travel and housing expenses.

Click on a picture to open it in a new window with additional information. The workshop window will remain open.

Trailing Vines Trailing Vines
Basically Baltimore Basically Baltimore
Stars in the Night Stars in the Night
Antique Minature Reverse Rose Antique Miniature Reverse Rose
Ocean Waves Ocean Waves
Folk Art and Feathers Folk Art and Feathers
Lavender and Lollipops Lavender and Lollipops
Cardinal in the Garden Cardinal in the Garden
Bugs and Butterflies Bugs and Butterflies